Back in 2003/2004 was when I first started applying the knowledge of electronics to audio.

Online, I found a gentlemen who ran a company called Gyraf Audio, who was kind enough to post some schematics, and a graphic of his circuit board layout.  It was the wild west of DIY audio electronics, long before people offered prefabbed circuit boards, or custom cases.

Here is what I put together.  Home etched circuit board, custom case with holes drilled using a hand drill and cut with a dremel tool.  Not too shabby for the budding upstart audio geek 😉

Here are the front panels, I printed out the graphics in reverse onto wax paper, and then used Super 77 spray glue and “rubbed” the toner off the paper onto the panel.  Sprayed that with a clear laquer finish, and these panels are still kicking today!

Inside shot of one of the units.  The very old skool DBX vca’s were a little too noisy, I’ve since reworked these using THAT VCA’s (not in the big cans), and they perform much more respectably.

Here’s a photo of the mostly completed units (just missing knobs).  Not too bad for a first foray into audio.