ShinyBox 46U

All current production ribbon microphones are precision engineered using ribbon transducers we cut from high-grade aluminum on custom-designed equipment. With a custom wound output transformer designed by Jon Ulrigg, and wound in the USA, paired with obsessive quality control, and real craftsmanship, the 46U has the most quality, sound and value of any ribbon microphone made today. You won’t believe the difference it makes in your recordings.


ShinyBox 46MXC

Featuring the classic Cinemag® transformer, the 46MXC offers a vintage ribbon microphone sound with a buttery midrange that adds a very musical quality to digital recordings and makes recording a dream. Like all ShinyBox ribbon microphones, it is assembled by hand here in the Pacific NorthWest.


ShinyBox 46MXL

The 46MXL features a Lundahl® transformer that provides an extended frequency response that “vintage” ribbon microphones don’t. Capturing the magic in drums, piano, guitars, strings, and horns has never been easier. From quality of sound, to the best quality accessories, you won’t find a better ribbon microphone.


ShinyBox 46MX

This microphone has been discontinued. For support, click here.

Each Mic Includes:

• Spider Shock Mount
• Hardshell Flight Case
• Leatherette Mic Bag
• Lifetime Tech Support

All Microphones Assembled in USA