Release the Guillotine!

Though it performs the seemingly basic audio chore of filtering high and low frequencies, Guillotine does so with unsurpassed excellence – and at a price even the bourgeouise approve. Utilizing a custom-designed digitally-controlled analog filter, the Guillotine provides a means of getting back to your exact settings each time. The internal layout (pictured) reveals a diabolically obsessive engineering approach, and a no holds barred approach to internal component quality. [paragraph break] Guillotine provides unmatched visual feedback for high and low bands using our unique cascading LEDs – 32 total for both bands. At every stage of the production of Guillotine, we triple check every connection, switch and plug, and then benchtest it before it goes to you. But if something goes wrong, a single call will get it back to our bench, fixed, and then straight back to you in a flash.

Guillotine Specs:

32 selectable freq. per band
Discrete, 12dB per octave filters
High or Low Freq. bypass button
Global Bypass button
High pass between 15hz – 1.4K
Low pass between 28k – 450hz