Si4 $1400 DIRECT
Si 500 $425 DIRECT
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Si4 & 500 Series Mic Preamps

Sounding this expensive never cost so little.


That Corporation and Burr Brown Semiconductors provide amazing detail without sounding boring, and can really be quite the thing on vocals and instruments.

Serious Gain

With 72dB of gain onboard, there's plenty of juice for super-sensitive ribbon microphones (like ours) and low output dynamic mics.

Quality Components

Many mfg's cut corners on switch components and passives– we don't. We use Grayhill switches for their reliablity and long life. Omeg Potentiometers for the "torquey" feel. Custom designed knobs that fit the front panel like a boss. All that, and a custom designed internal power supply that will work anywhere in the world!

Quality Design

Designed by top engineers, who know how to optimize electronics for performance and low noise, the Si series mic preamp will outperform mic preamps at twice the price. Built to last, with quality metering and sonics that let you hear the microphone.

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